Alice Yu

Miss Asian Chicago 2023 Queen

Miss Asian Chicago 2023 Talent


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Alice Yu

2023 Miss Asian Chicago

Queen & Talent

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I am humbled and honored to be your 2023 Miss Asian Chicago Queen and Talent! Going into Pageant Day, I already felt like a winner because I had found everything I was hoping for - a strong community of Asian women, a journey of self-reflection, and a novel community project that is meaningful to me both professionally and personally. Earning the title of Queen symbolizes the trust and faith that others have instilled in me to create change in the world - a responsibility I do not take lightly.

First and foremost, I am forever grateful to my pageant sisters and to our pageant director, Victoria Ng. Miss Asian Chicago has been one of the most formative experiences of my adult life, and I cannot emphasize the importance of healing and learning spaces even after leaving the traditional “student” role. Under Victoria’s leadership, my pageant sisters shared thoughtful insights, personal experiences, and inspirational goals in relation to our shared identity of Asian women and how we fit into the larger narrative of society. We all have passions we hope to realize that can better our communities, and I know we all have the drive and grit to accomplish our goals.

As your new Queen, I am overjoyed to pursue my community project on improving mental health in Asian youth with the full support of Chi-AWE and Project Vision. Furthermore, I can’t wait to participate in more community events and fall in love with Chicago’s Asian community even more!