who we are

Miss Asian Chicago (formerly Miss Chinese Chicago) is a community and heritage pageant. We empower AAPI women who want to collectively grow and give back to the community in the process. Our pageant involves a holistic and rigorous training program that results in our annual pageant event. The resulting titleholders commit to a full year of community service and all members are part of our lifelong sisterhood. We are operated by 501(c)3 non-profit Chicago Asian Women Empowerment (Chi-AWE)





We provide one on one mentorship and group training

Our months-long pageant program provides the following workshops

  • Establishing and enforcing boundaries
  • Public speaking
  • Poise
  • Current events
  • AAPI history
  • Feminism (from an AAPI lens)
  • Group workouts

We foster a supportive, empathetic sisterhood of AAPI women. The pageant is about the process and we encourage all of our members to lean on each other as sisters along the way.


We provide a physical and virtual platform for AAPI women to express their personal mission as well as their community mission.


We connect AAPI women to opportunities to be more engaged with the community, and we support them in executing a Community Platform Project that they’ve incubated with us.

I used to be shy and unable to hold my own. I was lucky enough to have strong Asian female role models during my formative years. They helped me define my identity as a Chinese American woman and set an example of giving back. After being involved with the community since I was young, I’m now confident in my ability to influence others just as my mentors had impacted me.

I hope to give other young women like myself the opportunity to have role models, guidance, mentorship, and training. I believe it’s crucial to have a set goal and a public presentation of the culmination of their hard work and learning experience. My answer to that was the Miss Chinese Chicago pageant, now Miss Asian Chicago.

In 2011, at the age of 19, I competed in my first pageant in order to prove to myself that I could do it. After that, I was hooked. I competed in many pageants until 2017, and then officially retired from pageantry. Through the years, I’ve gained a set of pageant sisters, self-presentation skills, self-confidence, and a platform to give back to my community. I hope to give an even better opportunity to other young women in the community through the Miss Asian Chicago Community and Heritage Pageant (formerly Miss Chinese Chicago pageant).

-Victoria m. Ng 伍佩俐

founder and producer, Miss ASian Chicago

Executive Director, Chicago Asian women empowerment

message from our founder and director