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maryanne rose



2023 Contestant #6


Maryanne's activities with us

Hello and നമസ്കാരം!

My name is Maryanne Rose Elamana and I am contestant #6 for Miss Asian Chicago 2023! I’m so excited to share my culture and platform in such an empowering space for Asian women, and represent my motherland in doing so. This is also my very first pageant!

A little bit about me: I am a first generation Indian American, and my parents were both born in Kerala, India (Malayalis represent!). I’m 24 years old and a sociology student, ABA therapist for kids, and aspiring model. My passions include creativity in nearly all forms, but I especially love fashion, and I’ve been able to honor that love in the past few months that I’ve entered the industry of modeling and styling. As a queer, South Asian woman, I strive to be the representation that I wished I had as a kid. It is also my goal to unapologetically be myself and do what makes me happy, despite the cultural stigmas surrounding my identity and pursuing the arts. Overall, my creativity and my love for art, writing, music, and fashion have anchored me all my life. I want to combine my passion for the arts as well as my experiences in and dedication to the field of mental health to drive my platform.

While growing up both desi and as a part of the LGBT community, I’ve had my own mental health struggles that have made me well aware of the cultural stigmas surrounding not only getting help, but my identity as queer. It is my aim to provide resources that bridge the cultural gaps that prevent POC from getting help, as well as create spaces where queer POC can feel safe to share their stories. I hope to do so with my platform, as well as with the support and mentorship provided by Miss Asian Chicago. I also hope to incorporate art as a form of therapy, as it is eventually my goal to get my Master’s and become an art therapist myself.