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Ngan le


2023 Contestant #8


Ngan's Community Project Proposal

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What's something memorable about you?

My welcoming aura and smile.

Why did you join MAC? / What is your goal with MAC?

My goal in MAC is to build connections, grow as a person, and extend my passion on fitness and health to elevate mental health awareness in youth.

Tell us about your community platform project.

My community platform project is Fitness and Health to Elevate Mental Health Awareness in Youth. My goal is to coordinate workshops that will educate and provide resources, and activities that are active, engaging, and fun for the youth to experience such as cooking, group fitness classes, and more.

What about your heritage makes you proud?

I am very proud of the Vietnamese traditional dress called Ao Dai. It is a 2-piece garment made of fabric with a long dress and ankle-length pants. The dress comes in various colors, patterns, art work, and styles.

What is your spirit animal?

Per my quiz result by BuzzFeed, my spirit animal is a camel. I am outgoing, life of the part, and everybody’s friend.

Share about a time you amplified someone's voice.

One of my mentee has a soft voice, but had a great idea on how to make the assembly line more efficient. So I asked everyone for their attention and encouraged my mentee to voice her idea. Then I repeat it to the group and we all agreed to follow my mentee's idea. As a result, the assembly line went faster and no one was reaching over each other.

What three things would you bring with you to a remote island?

Three things I would bring to a remote island are my cat, Hiro, camera, and suncreen.

What's a fun fact about you?

I am a cat mom of two, Hiro and Asuna.

What's your favorite quote?

Never let doubt be the reason you couldn't do something.

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Xin chào mọi người! My name is Ngân Lê and I am excited to participate in the 2023 Miss Asian Chicago pageantry!

I am Vietnamese-American from Chicago, Illinois. I am a student preparing for the NBRC exam to become a Registered Respiratory Therapist. I am also a fitness enthusiast who enjoys outdoor activities, working out, eating, and socializing.

Throughout my life, I told myself never to let doubt be why I could not do something. So, when Miss Asian Chicago opened its application to all Asian ethnicities, I jumped at the opportunity and applied. I want to represent my ethnicity and integrate fitness and health into the community to spread mental health awareness.

While growing up in a traditional Asian household, mental health was taboo, and resources were limited. As a former senior youth program coordinator, I worked during the pandemic with BIPOC low-income youth in the Chicagoland area. I saw the importance of providing mental health resources and accessibility. I created workshops and activities such as nutrition, yoga, HIIT workouts, and other recreational activities via hybrid to create social-emotional learning and help release stress and anxiety. After the pandemic, I continued my passion by joining Family Style Run Club as a run-lead and spreading mental health awareness through fitness and health via social media.

Follow me on Instagram, @foreverngan, and @nganandfit to follow my journey and get the latest updates on fitness and health events.