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stephanie li

李 馨


2023 Contestant #5

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What's something memorable about you?

My creativity! I graduated with an Art & Design degree, but I believe there are multiple ways to be creative. Whether I'm training in the aerial gym or offering clues to word games like 'Taboo' or 'Heads Up!', I'm always finding new ways to reach an objective.

Why did you join MAC? / What is your goal with MAC?

Before I started volunteering at events with Chi-AWE, much of what I learned about the pageant came from last year's Miss Chinese Chicago website and contestant bios. I sensed that this program not only redefined what it meant to be eligible for a title, it also invested in its contestants' growth just as much as it did its own. Now that I'm in Miss Asian Chicago 2023, my biggest goal is to create spaces where AAPI community members can develop personal resilience and emotional wellbeing in a world of uncertainty with attitudes towards the community.

What is your spirit animal?

The praying mantis—I normally wouldn't associate myself with any kind of bug, but once you stop screaming and try to appreciate it for what it is, you start to become impressed with its strength and grace.

What three things would you bring with you to a remote island?

War and Peace, a Zorb ball, and a karaoke machine

What's your favorite quote?

"A watched pot never boils."

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Hi there!

My name is Stephanie Li (李 馨). I concentrated in Art & Design and Entrepreneurship at the University of Michigan and I’m an internal communications writer at an accounting firm. I’m honored to compete in this year’s Miss Asian Chicago pageant and hope to inspire individuality and leadership in those that see me participate.

My parents immigrated from Nanjing, China in the early nineties. We lived in a small apartment until relocating to a smaller, less racially diverse town. Although difficult, it’s helped me find pleasure in occasionally being or feeling different.

I became interested in cosmetics and fashion from as early as elementary school. None of my family members wore makeup or used hair products aside from the essentials, so I was frequently on the internet to find my next source of inspiration. Countless hours of trial and error have helped shape my own view of beauty to that of an artistic one and a means of expression. I’m excited to walk down the platform and show everyone how I curate each look to represent who I am.

Check out my YouTube channel and watch me document my preparation for the pageant. You can also get a glimpse of my hobby work and everyday life adventures!